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Bag Investment

The Mahoning County Board of Elections in Ohio has just replaced their election bags after 58 years. They had been using Korean War Army surplus satchels to carry election supplies to the precincts. The ticket for the 275 new bags came in at $22,500. If they use these bags for another 58 years, it comes out to just $1.41 a year, a very good investment.

The whole concept of investing is to buy quality and to buy low. For present day durability your best bet is Voter’s Choice Roll-A-Vote which features a plastic molded bottom with wheels to make transporting election necessities a breeze.

Plus you’ll save 20% this month when you take advantage of our June Budget Close Out Sale – 20% off Voter’s Choice election bags and security tags for the month of June. Buy the bags now and you’ll get the long term benefit of durability and security at a great value.

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