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Ballot On Demand Gains Popularity!


Ballot on Demand Gains Popularity!

This week, our Field Service team is back in South Carolina, performing voting equipment tune ups, also known as Preventative Maintenance (PM) on their equipment while our North Carolina Sales team is on the road visiting some customers who are interested in the Balotar Ballot on Demand printer from our equipment partner, Election Systems & Software.

While the Balotar System is steadily gaining popularity nationwide, we wanted to share how we helped our customer, Buncombe County, North Carolina save over $30,000 in 2013 alone using the Balotar Ballot-On-Demand system we provided. Click on the image below to read about the success in further detail!

Key Features & Benefits of the Balotar BOD System:

Cost Efficient

  • Avoid pre-printing too many ballots
  • Limit overtime costs
  • Lower temporary staffing needs for ballot processing and inventory
  • Fees are flexible for your budget

Stress Relief

  • Gain control over pre-election ballot production
  • No delayed ballot deliveries for Election Day
  • Reduce poll worker error by getting each voter the correct ballot style
  • Eliminate ballot shortages
  • UOCAVA and absentee ballots are ready immediately

Environmentally Friendly

  • Less paper waste
  • Lower energy usage ( fuel costs by avoiding ballot shipment and saving energy at the press plant)
  • Reduces chemical use and waste

Automated Ballot Management

  • Eliminate the need for organizing and storing mass quantities of ballots
  • Save time spent estimating the number of ballots to order from a commercial printer

If you are interested in hearing more about the Balotar BOD system, and are in North Carolina, South Carolina or Virginia, please contact your Printelect Account Manager today!

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