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FOR IMMEDIATE DISTRIBUTION EASYVOTE SOLUTIONS                                                      PRINTELECT CHARLES DAVIS                                                                  OWEN ANDREWS 910-352-7458                                                                         800-682-4500   EasyVote and PrintElect Enter into Reseller Agreement for Election Management Software EasyVote expands sales footprint through partnership with PrintElect, a leading, election supplies and services company   Atlanta, GA, and New Bern, NC:  EasyVote Solutions and

  Ballot on Demand Gains Popularity! This week, our Field Service team is back in South Carolina, performing voting equipment tune ups, also known as Preventative Maintenance (PM) on their equipment while our North Carolina Sales team is on the road visiting

Just like your car needs oil changes and new tires to continue running smoothly, election equipment needs a tune up once in a while to continue functioning properly! The Field Services department at Printelect has been busy organizing the tune ups (also known

If keeping your employee's fat and happy is the key to success, then we're doing a great job! On Friday we hosted our company Christmas luncheon, just a short two weeks after our Thanksgiving feast. This time, we took the