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Printelect Product Profile: Cone Cap Signs

Polling place cone cap sign system

Exciting news!  While our June Product Special is on it’s way to your inbox, we couldn’t wait another day to get the word out!

As you know, it’s a constant battle getting constituents in and out of the precincts efficiently. Don’t let poor signage be the reason for it. A versatile solution to most of these issues is Printelect’sCone Cap Sign system. Our Cone Cap Signs provide an ideal way to turn traffic cones into sign stands in any precinct.

Some useful Cone Cap Sign solutions include:

-Visual recognition of voting locations with “Vote Here” signs voters can’t miss!

-Easy placement and storage for poll workers due to their lightweight design

-Effective designation of parking facilities and handicap accesses

-Durability to withstand the outdoors

-Ability to serve dual purposes with interchangeable signs

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