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Early Voting Practices & Solutions

At the mention of early voting, you’re likely to hear praise from voters and election officials alike! It’s widely popular because of the many benefits to the average American that’s juggling schedules at work and at home. Early voting is offered in over two-thirds of states across the US, and although time periods vary from state to state, the chance to get to the polls early and cast your vote appeals to thousands of voters every year.  Some of the main benefits to early voting include:

  • Reduced waiting time at the polls
  • Convenient hours for all different schedules (and even some Saturday locations)
  • Relieves some of the election day crowding
  • Allows for same-day registration for new residents or first-time voters
  • Increases voter turnout by increasing accessibility

Unlike election day, early voting spans the course of several days, even weeks.  The average starting time for all early voting in the US is around 22 days prior to the election, however it can start as early as 45 days prior or late as the Friday before. Usually held at an election’s office or other satellite location such as a school, library, community-hall, or church, early voting can require a lot from your poll workers. Specifically, just like any other election, poll workers are responsible for setting up the voting site and getting it election-ready for voters. With early voting, because of it’s duration, poll workers are charged with securing and storing early voting materials at each day’s end, then resetting that same arrangement day after day.

Some of our most helpful early voting products are multi-functional and can easily be turned around and used on election day in November.  For example, the Voter’s Choice Roll-A-Vote has been widely praised by our customers nationwide. The Roll-A-Vote features a telescoping handle that makes rolling it in and out a breeze. It also has a hard plastic molded bottom that allows it to hold up to years and years of use and transport in any weather. The Voter’s Choice Roll-A-Vote can also be used as a ballot box with a structured, sealable ballot slot on the top panel. The Roll-A-Vote is a favorite among our clients!

Another helpful set of election products for your early voting sites includes our collection of signs that can be used outside the early voting site or indoors to help organize your operation.

We offer signage in just about every size you could need, in addition to stands that are perfect for literally any terrain.

If you need stands that stake down into the ground, we’ve got them. If you need somethinglarge and heavy, we’ve got it.  If you need that little something in the parking lot or hallway, we’ve got it too. Basically, we have everything you need (and then some) to help you with your early voting efforts. If we can help you in any way or if you have a question about a particular product, don’t hesitate to email us at and we’d be happy to help!

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