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Happy National Voter Registration Day!

Fun Fact
: Today, September 24th, 2013 happens to be National Voter Registration Day!

This November Americans nationwide will vote on an estimated 1,500 ballot initiatives in addition to any state or local contests taking place. At Printelect voting is important to us, to our customers, and to our nation.

We’re so encouraged when we see our customers (counties and municipalities nationwide) post updates on social media outlets, reaching out to remind their populations about registration deadlines. National Voter Registration Day supports those continued actions from localities, but also attempts to involve different community organizations and businesses to do the same. With the impressive media coverage thus far, don’t be surprised if you see various groups hitting the streets near you, asking people to take a few minutes and register in time for the many October deadlines.

Since voter turnout is always on our customers’ minds, we offer several product options to help encourage your eligible constituents to register. A hugely popular election product we sell is our wide assortment of stickers! All people, high schoolers to senior citizens, love to take pride in the fact that they’re voters.  We offer stickers just for voter registration drives that say, “I Registered to Vote Today” in both English and Spanish. We also offer the “My Vote Counts” sticker in both English and Spanish.

To help increase visibility of registration locations to the average passerby, Printelect has plenty of sign options you can stick out in a hallway or outside in the elements.. Our signs say it loud and clear, “REGISTER TO VOTE HERE.”

Ask us about these products today, we’d love to help your county with your voter registration efforts!









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