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Importance of Campaign and Election Signs

There are many types of elections for which election signs are used: national, city and local elections, school board elections, party caucuses, and special elections. During all of these events, election signs may be used at polling places to communicate important information to the public, including the location of the election, time and date of the election, information in a bilingual format, and parking information, among other uses.

Election signs increase the turnout of voters by advertising to potential voters who may not have received information about an election through other news or media outlets, and who may not know the date and place of the election without these sign advertisements. Elections signs also aid persons who have disabilities in locating an accessible parking area and entrance so that they can participate in an election by exercising their right to vote. People who speak a foreign language as their primary language may also be encouraged to vote when the polling place is multi-lingual. In this way, election signs do more than simply provide information – they encourage the public’s right to vote and welcome all voters to the voting site.

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