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Memorial Day 2013: Friends, Family, & the Fallen

Often times, we mark Memorial Day as the unofficial start to the summer.  Most of us swarm the nearest swimming hole; whether it’s a beach, river, or lake.  Gas prices rise conveniently for the travelers, and the necessary staples for the weekend, i.e. hot dogs, hamburgers, buns, and the fixin’s, fly off the grocery shelves.  We’re American. It’s tradition, but hey, who doesn’t love to enjoy an extended weekend away from work with time spent unwinding with friends and family?


Part of that American tradition involves attending a Memorial Day parade or service.  The most notable of them all takes place at our nation’s Capitol. The annual National Memorial Day Parade features patriotic themed floats filled with veterans and marching bands from each of the fifty states. Nationwide, in small towns and big cities alike, parades are usually military themed.  In fact, New Bern, NC, where Printelect is headquartered, will be having their very own parade, National Cemetery services, and even a Red, White & Blue 5K.  In Raleigh, North Carolina’s state’s capitol, you’ll find ceremonies of a similar nature.

At Printelect we’d  like to make sure that your Memorial Day is spent relaxing  and having fun with friends and family! More importantly, we’d like to make sure that the true reason for the holiday isn’t neglected amongst the camp-fire conversation.  Memorial Day is a time to remember those who have died serving our country in efforts to procure, defend, and sustain our freedom. One of those freedoms happens to be our democratic right to vote, a basic right that Printelect serves and our work revolves around daily. Printelect proudly supplies elections equipment and supplies to states, counties, and municipalities, so that we may all take part in the election process our forefathers so thoughtfully implemented.  So while you’re on the boat, or at the grill this weekend, make sure to remember those that helped make it possible. Have fun this weekend and be safe!

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