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Mitigating Risk With Election Supply Storage Carts

Screen Shot 2015-08-08 at 1.46.13 PMIt was the night before the most hotly contested school board race in our county’s history. We had literally been working around the clock in our office to process voter registrations and changes prior to the cut off. There had been a record-breaking number of absentees also. Everyone was relieved to know the schools would be closed for the big day. On the day prior, we delivered equipment and booths to our polling sites. What we didn’t know was after the supplies were delivered to the gym at the high school, basketball practice was scheduled that evening and a door to the gym was left unlocked. During that time, the equipment was defaced and moved to a different location by unknown persons. On the morning of the election, the precinct workers had a hard time finding the equipment, and once found, they realized the security seals had been cut, the equipment turned over and graffiti had been drawn on the side of the tabulator’s ballot box. Vandals had attempted to make something out of the voting booths and had broken a few booth legs in the process. Our precinct workers called at 6 a.m. unsure if it was advisable to even open the polls with the compromised equipment. If only, we thought, we’d had some way to really ensure the equipment’s security after delivery.

It’s the human factor, isn’t it? The very source of all election-related disasters. Whether buildings are public or private, kept locked or left open for community events leading up to an election, we worry about items we have delivered and whether or not they will be intact for election day’s pre-dawn set up.

Screen Shot 2015-08-08 at 1.48.17 PMFor this reason, and county storage limitations, “your elections partner, “ Printelect, chose to bring the election-industry’s finest rolling storage cart to the elections market. The Voter’s Choice EZ Cart 3000 Security Truck is the perfect storage, security, and deployment solution for all of your Election Day supplies and equipment. It features all-welded 2”x2” steel wire grid panels and offers both total security (key panel/key) and see-through visibility.

Every election office is different, that’s why this Voter’s Choice product offers you the ability to design your own internal layout using adjustable steel shelves. Each shelf is rated for 250 lbs of weight.

The EZ Cart 3000 includes a removable push handle, 8” mold-on casters (2 rigid, 2 swivel), locking keyed handle, and a 2,000 lb load capacity.

And we ship it to you fully assembled to your specifications (casters, handle, and shelving require minimal assembly). We offer the cart in powder-coated red (or in a gun-metal gray, if you prefer).

So whether it’s year-round secure storage you need or pre-election deployment and temporary storage security, the EZ Cart 3000 Security Truck is quickly becoming the preferred secure handling tool for voting machines and election supplies.

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