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Next Stop for the Mobile Voting Precinct: The Big Easy

For those of you who are just joining us on the Printelect blog, we are now on day three of the Mobile Voting Precinct (MVP) Southeastern tour. We (Chris Andrews & I) are in charge of blogging about our adventure to not only prove to our boss that we are promoting this truly innovative mobile voting product, but to also share the experience with the five co-workers, friends and family members that actually like us enough to log-on and read.

If you are ever in Orlando looking for a Hyatt Regency, just know there is more than one. Luckily for Chris, I picked the most direct route to the wrong hotel – right through five toll stops during six o’clock traffic. Evidently, Chris didn’t get the memo on the proper lane to use and we quickly found out that when they say they don’t accept cash a particular line, they mean it. Despite what someone says, people aren’t so understanding when you have to reverse your 38’ RV fifty feet into oncoming traffic to get over to the lane furthest from you. Needless to say, we didn’t make that mistake more than four times.

Did we mention how great the weather was in Orlando? And by great, I mean hot enough make you instantly catch on fire. I would be doing a disservice to the MVP if I didn’t point how great the A/C is in the unit. With 4 independent air conditioning units, you can keep the unit a cool 70 degrees even in 100 degree weather. The only issue with having the MVP thirty feet from the doors of the building was that the MVP was thirty feet away from the doors the building. At one point, we saw a group of county representatives playing paper-rock-scissors for who had to run the gauntlet, take the tour and report back with the findings. Soon enough, the MVP was the buzz of the day and everyone was touring the vehicle in awe.

We realized the idea of the MVP tour was a hit when all the veteran election vendors stopped by share their road-warrior experiences with us. While we tried to convince them that us driving the RV through the Southeast was a throwback to the past, they quickly reminded us that the MVP has certain amenities their vans and station wagons lacked. Evidently, their vehicles lacked wireless internet, laptops, iPhones, air conditioning and for some of the older veterans, circular wheels.

As I type this, we are halfway to New Orleans and are excited about the meetings we have set up. We’ll spend the next two nights in The Big Easy before we depart to Austin for the last leg of the tour.  We will be sure to report our findings and hope that you will tune in to read them. As always, you can follow @printelect on twitter and through our Facebook Page.

Blog Post By: Mike Linden, Special Projects Manager

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