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Ocean County, N.J. to Utilize Mobile Voting Precinct (MVP) for Remote Voting in the Aftermath of Hurricane Sandy

Toms River, N.J. – Hurricane Sandy has caused profound damage across the Northeastern Seaboard in the United States. One issue county governments are currently facing is executing a successful Presidential Election when many polling locations are without power, evacuated, or flood damaged.

The Ocean County Department of Elections has found a solution for relocation of one of the nonfunctional sites by commissioning voting solutions provider Printelect’s Mobile Voting Precinct (MVP).

The MVP is a 38-foot, customized Winnebago. The unit’s precinct-centric layout features 15 voting stations, a two-person registration desk, efficient traffic-flow design and an independently powered generator. Through utilizing the MVP’s election-specific design, Oceans County will have one less precinct to worry about up fitting, due to damage, or seeking relocation.

“We have researched and developed the MVP to be an Election Day problem-solver,” said Owen D. Andrews, President &CEO of Printelect. “In this case, Ocean County will have the aid of this versatile solution to help voters exercise their constitutional right in the midst of disaster clean up.”

In addition to emergency relief, the MVP is designed to address common issues that face election jurisdictions throughout the year, including voter-capacity relief efforts, voter registration drives and voter education exhibits.

“The MVP is bringing Ocean County much-needed relief at a time when voter turnout and participation is key,” Andrews notes.

Further information about the MVP and Printelect may be obtained at, or by calling 1-800-682-4500, Ext. 104.

Media Contact: Chris Andrews 919-208-3926

About Printelect With over 110 years experience, Printelect is a full-service election solutions provider offering elections products and services, campaign products, ballot printing, and the Mobile Voting Precinct (MVP). For more information about Printelect, please visit their website at

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