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Poll Workers Recognized in Media

Every two years there are hundreds of news stories stemming from Election Day. Lost within the results coverage and analysis is the detail of the hundreds of dedicated citizens each state who carry out the logistical challenge of a successful polling place. Some of the best stories were those that showcase the dedication and tenure of poll workers across the country.

Nebraska’s Journal Star featured 229 poll workers who were inducted into the Nebraska Poll Worker Hall of Fame by Secretary of State John Gale. These civil servants had at least 20 years tenure, and up to 60 years for the longest acting worker.

Carrying out a successful Election Day is not the easiest of tasks for a poll worker. They are paid a nominal wage for a long day of setting up equipment, resolving issues, informing voters, and closing polls. It can be a high stress environment with confused voters, long lines, and other issues that pop up while voting.

Regardless of minor issues that may occur during the elections, the importance of the task and the social atmosphere seem to bring these loyal workers back every election year. The opportunity to experience a cross section of their community, through interaction with the entirety of a precinct’s voters, is a nice complement to the already fulfilling responsibility of being an election poll worker.

The South Bend Tribune honored one woman who has been working the polls since age 18. Christine Paige, now age 93, is now an inspector in Portage Township, Indiana. She has not missed the big day in her 75-year stint with the election department.

Printelect would like to thank all of the poll workers across the country, as well as the publications that recognized them, and congratulate every precinct in America for another successful election.

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