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Printelect Headquarters makes it through Hurricane Irene unscathed

Hurricane Irene tore its way across the Eastern Seaboard over the weekend, making landfall at Cape Lookout, NC. The storm caused extensive damage to the eastern/middle regions of the state, including leaving thousands without power, before making its way north.

Our new headquarters, in New Bern, was directly in the path of Irene. A major part of last week was spent preparing the building for the worst-case scenarios that the storm presented. Utilizing hundreds of square feet of tarp, our staff covered all of our printing / finishing equipment, computers, and paper inventory. The Printelect IT team did everything necessary to ensure security and preservation of our data, as well as our technological systems.

Thanks to everyone’s participation, one of the worst storms to hit New Bern in decades was withstood by the new building. Save some minor leakage, there was no consequential damage sustained. Power was lost, but returned by Sunday evening.

The Printelect office is up and running, and business as usual has resumed, as of Monday morning. Some of the Printelect team are dealing with their own issues at their homes. Many are without power, and some without water. Hopefully, all will be resolved soon, and we can put Irene behind us.

Thank you to all that were concerned for us over the weekend. Our hearts go out to the families of the 27 people who lost their lives in the wake of the storm, as well as those who are still dealing with the aftermath of such a natural disaster.

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