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Printelect shows off mobile voting centers

Last week, NBC affiliate out of Knoxville, Tennessee published a news story regarding Printelect’s Mobile Voting Precinct (MVP). Printelect showcased the MVP in Pigeon Forge, TN for the East Tennessee county clerk conference.

Article Begins:

The future of voting could be on wheels. Printelect is showing off 38-foot long Mobile Voting Center or (MVP) at the East Tennessee Association of County Election Officials Annual Seminar in Pigeon Forge this week.

There are 15 voting stations inside of the moving vehicle. The company believes the precinct on wheels could change how elections are run across the country.

“It’s unprecedented in that fact that it’s the first mobile unit of it’s size to be fully compliant with ADA and the first to have as many voting stations as it does,” said Chris Andrews of Printelect.

Developers said the mobile voting precinct should increase voter turn out and make sure people can cast their votes during natural disasters or when polling sites are overcrowded.


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