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Printelect’s Voting Equipment Fulfillment Needs Require Additional Warehouse Space, Company Cites Growing Demands in NC and VA

Screen Shot 2016-02-18 at 12.08.55 PMThere’s a growing demand in Virginia and North Carolina for voting equipment. Many localities are choosing to partner with Printelect when they have to upgrade aging equipment. Printelect sells, supports and services ES&S’s line of voting tabulation technology ( Upcoming primaries in March in both states coupled with the increased demand for these products necessitated the acquisition of additional warehouse space. Printelect election services technicians are currently acceptance testing for both states in anticipation of the upcoming Presidential Preference Primaries. Pictured here, the team is preparing new equipment which includes 264 DS200s (digital scanners), 45 ExpressVotes and 28 Automarks (ballot marking devices). To prepare these devices for deployment to Printelect customers, technicians must complete installations of new operating systems and current firmware. These efforts include quality control processes and formal acceptance testing.

“Keep in mind, this does not include any of our work done in the field,” said 18-year Printelect employee and long-time field services manager Tammy Malone when asked about the process of fulfilling these new orders for voting equipment. “Quality control, acceptance testing, and updating the operating systems and firmware on the new equipment is in addition to the massive efforts employed by Printelect’s field services in preparation for any election.” Printelect’s experienced team of ES&S certified technicians supports ES&S’s equipment in NC, SC and Virginia.

Printelect offers service and repair for an array of voting equipment. Our specially trained service technicians can help do on-site preventive maintenance, repairs and troubleshooting. Please contact Tammy Malone at (888) 662-4237 for more information.

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