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Sign systems and their solutions to your sign placement locations

Over the last ten years, election authorities have seen a noticeable increase in polling place signage options in the election products market. What was once an item that was mostly produced by the end-users themselves, election products companies across the country recognized an opportunity to provide standardized, generic signage and stand offerings to election authorities to address their signage needs. The end result has been an increase in sign and stand solutions of all sizes and shapes, ranging from post and base styles to coraplast a-frame styles and everything in between. Each one of these sign styles presents added benefits to the end user when compared to the users producing the signage themselves. These advantages include, but are certainly not limited to:  lower price per unit, faster lead times, the ability to purchase smaller quantities, and a readily available selection of text and/or images to choose from.

One of the newer, easier to use sign systems on the market today is the Voter’s Choice Portable Sign System. This post and base sign style takes a fresh approach to a time-tested idea for signage that is both easy to assemble and easy to see. Consisting of a base, interlocking post sections, a cap and a sign, this sign system is perfect for both interior and exterior usage when ADA height requirements render other sign styles unusable.

This new sign system has made the deployment of the post and base style sign system a much easier task.  Matching post sections alleviate the need to purchase different sections and allow the user to start the stand assembly process with any post section. Once the post section is attached to the stand base, increasing the overall height of the sign stand is as easy as adding more sections. After attaching all three of the included post sections, the user simply attaches the top cap to complete the stand. Once the stand is completed, the user will then insert a sign into the top cap until the locators on the cap snap around the matching cutouts on the sign. Within minutes, the sign system is ready to go; all while adhering to ADA height requirements.  Breakdown is as simple as reversing the process.

With the option of weighing the hollow base with water or sand, this sign system becomes a viable exterior solution to deliver various messages outside the polling place. In addition to this sign system, election partners provide all kinds of other popular sign styles on the market. For example, the manufacturer of this particular sign system provides only the most well-established and time-tested sign and stand systems in the industry. In the end, it is your choice depending on the features you desire and require, but just remember what the Voter’s Choice is.

Article by Ben Hudson, Election Products Manager

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