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South Carolina Equipment Tune-Ups

Printelect Preventative Maintenance

Just like your car needs oil changes and new tires to continue running smoothly, election equipment needs a tune up once in a while to continue functioning properly!

The Field Services department at Printelect has been busy organizing the tune ups (also known as Preventative Maintenance) for the first round of our customers in South Carolina recently.

For those counties that signed up for our Silver Maintenance Protection Plan, they’re receiving (or about to receive) an on-site visit from our team of Certified Technicians that will inspect, clean, calibrate and test all voting functions for their equipment. Since South Carolina uses ES&S iVotronics, a DRE device, part of the Silver Plan Preventative Maintenance visits include replacing any broken battery clips, making sure the NiMH batteries are charging, ensuring the touch screens a working properly, among other things. This type of preventative maintenance is crucial for voting equipment because after all, not all voters are easy on the machines and after several elections, Preventative Maintenance, just like an oil change, is important.

In addition to the physical maintenance of the machines, the South Carolina customers with Silver plans will benefit from the peace of mind knowing their voting machines have been proactively inspected and tested by our trained and certified technicians. Tammy Malone, Field Services Director says, “Our Field Services team is looking forward to the opportunity to help South Carolina with their Preventative Maintenance needs. It’s a crucial part of keeping integrity in elections and we’re proud to provide such an important service.”

With each county signed up on either the Silver or Bronze Maintenance Plans, all of South Carolina’s voters can feel confident in their county, the equipment they vote on, and  in the diplomatic process. We play an important role in ensuring that confidence remains intact election after election, in all of our equipment states.

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