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TOP 10 USES: Voter’s Choice Election Bags

As if the 25% off sale wasn’t enough to tempt you, we’ve compiled a short list of the TOP 10 USES for our Voter’s Choice Election Bags on sale this month!

  1. Transporting election supplies to and from the precincts
  2. Color coding materials for easy disbursement and storage
  3. Transporting access cards to and from the precinct
  4. Designating provisional ballots
  5. Creating turn-key “kits” for ease of use by poll workers
  6. Going green with reusable bags that will last for years
  7. Organizing supplies in easy to carry bags
  8. Securing confidential documents with lock-friendly zippers
  9. Carrying portable precinct signage to and from the precincts
  10. Aggregating poll worker supplies (such as sticker rolls, lanyards, etc.)
  11. Supplying election-day rovers with additional materials

Yep- we gave you the TOP 11 because we’re so excited about our products here at Printelect! Hurry to take advantage of the sale, Voter’s Choice election bags are while supplies last! 

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