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Voting Booths: Which voting booth is right for you?

For years, election partners have been offering a large and economical selection of voting booths all over the country.  By offering such an encompassing variety, these campaign manufacturers have gained valuable knowledge and experience of the various product lines and styles of voting booths on the market.  Putting this knowledge to good use, one company in particular introduced their Voter’s Choice line, which quickly became an industry favorite.  These new booths not only offer unmatched quality but they also enhance the overall voter experience on Election Day. In particular, the most popular voting booth in the Voter’s Choice line is the Companion Pack Premier Voting Booth. It offers two booths in one and is packed with poll worker-friendly features. The Voter’s Choice line of booths is uniquely equipped with everything you need for easy setup and comfortable transportation

Designed to be used as two independent booths, each voting station in the Companion Pack Premier Booth is free standing and can be used independently of one another.  When voting is through, each booth reconnects to the other using a unique latching design, and can be stored just about anywhere. Another feature of ease is the breakaway leg system that stores neatly underneath each booth’s writing surface. The legs incorporate a bungee system that allows each leg to remain attached to the table top whether it is in use or being stored. There is no need hassling with those old rusty table legs. These booths make it easy to set up and take down your voting booths in seconds.

Each booth also features a folding lid assembly that allows a user to simply release the front latch, lift the cover and fold out the “Spring Screen” for privacy. With steps as simple as 1-2-3, it’s easy to see why the Voter’s Choice Companion Pack Premier Voting Booth has been one of the most popular booths on the market. Frankly, the ease of this booth is what makes it such a hot seller. Who wants to be stuck for hours cleaning up the mess of hundreds of voters? Just fold it up and it’s ready to go.

With such a large variety of booths, one of these election partners is sure to meet and exceed your voting booth needs.  For example, the manufacturer of the Voter’s Choice line provides only the most well-established and time-tested booth models in the industry. In the end, it is your choice depending on the features you desire and require, but just remember the Voter’s Choice.

Article by Ben Hudson, Election Products Manager

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