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Weekly Recap: Printelect Presentations

Printelect started this past week with demonstrations in two different time zones! We were in Memphis, Tennessee, the official birthplace of Rock & Roll, and in the charming city of Salem, Virginia, home of the NCAA Stagg Bowl.

The Tennessee Association of County Elections Officials conference in Memphis allowed us to see many familiar faces and talk about our newly approved Provisional Ballot Bag. This product was the subject of many discussions, as it is now replacing very large metal provisional ballot boxes in many of the counties. You would not believe the stories we heard about elections officials with battle scars from those metal boxes! We thoroughly enjoyed the hospitality of our Tennessee customers and we’re excited to bring a much more user friendly solution, among others, to the state of Tennessee. Check out that product here and see what people are talking about!

Simultaneously, Tyler Lincks, Printelect’s Virginia representative, was in Salem at a regional exhibition that allowed several localities the opportunity to gather information about products available in the industry today. In addition to presenting the latest voting technology from our partner at ES&S, Tyler was able to educate many elections officials on our value proposition and the unique product and service mix that Printelect brings to the table in the state of Virginia!

Clearly, elections officials are investing time and energy in improving their elections. Printelect is eager to help with every aspect of the process, whether it’s through our wide selection of Election Products, or our knowledgeable experience with Election Services we can help!



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